“TRIBUTE to PITTI UOMO 2012” Art & Fashion with Trussardi Foundation by Fashion Channel

FLORENCE. Fashion, art, cuisine, design revolves around these four elements of the work of the Trussardi Group which celebrates its first hundred years of life from its beginning in 2011 Pitti Immagine Uomo 79. The procedure for images, monuments, and fixed or moving as the installation of Martin Creed , a neon sign welcomes you to the exhibition and is proposed with a positive message, “Everything is going to be alright.” But if the “carnival” one must think, another is certain is that the self-portrait by the Polish artist Pawel Althamer . Of gigantic proportions, over 20 feet long, this balloon rests with all its light over the heads of visitors, recalling the battle of the Carnival in Viareggio. Much more irreverent and provocative, the work that immediately come to the Leopolda, built by Californian Paul McCarthy, the appearance is most important and provocative mixes politics and reality, in Static (Pink) depicting two pigs and George Bush recalling idioms and slang, in a game of trade and taboo revealed in a rough depiction of naked bodies. The memory comes back with star Urs Fischer and his “House of Bread” (The house of bread), and here again the memory of childhood, those fairy tales that were told before going to sleep with fairy houses to Hansel and Gretel or that of geese destroyed by wind, water and fire, hence the partial destruction of the bread which is made of this hut, which at a distance seems made of light wood, said the combination of bread-house as a key element of life and eternity. We have become accustomed to challenging choices and also “We” his last work for the occasion, it was announced in line with the brand but this time the artist Maurizio Cattelan , the artist can be seen as more “normal” all ‘ Within this exhibition.
Against the backdrop of bare wall with exposed brick walls, a bed covered with white blankets and two male mannequins dressed in black, lying down, are the representation and the clone, both with open eyes, the same Cattelan.

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