Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents throws open the doors on the ultimate rite of passage for the average teenager, the first-ever summer holiday abroad without their parents. But what these teenagers couldn’t possibly have guessed is that whilst they enjoy their first taste of freedom, with all its temptations and excesses, they are being secretly watched… by their parents. It will be an eye-opening experience, but will it bring them closer together or drive them further apart?

This time we’re in the ultimate hotbed of hedonism, Ayia Napa. Eighteen-year-old Tom is the youngest of three brothers and the last to fly the nest. Now Tom is getting ready for his first taste of freedom as he and his best mates pack their bags for the Cyprus party resort of Ayia Napa and what they hope will be the holiday of a lifetime. Tom will be cutting the apron strings from super-strict mum Jane, who has plenty of advice to offer before the boys jet off leaving their rural life behind.

Twenty-year-old Lyndsey is also packing her bags along with her party-mad girlfriends. Lyndsey loves to live the highlife at the expense of parents Debs and Graham, who are well aware that their daughter likes to party and may be keeping secrets from them. But do they know just how much Lyndsey is keeping from them? They are about to find out…

As the kids set off for the airport, they are blissfully unaware that their parents are not far behind them. They’ll be covertly watching as their little treasures take in all that Ayia Napa has to offer, and hoping to learn a little more about them.

As the holiday kicks off, Lyndsey and her girlfriends hit the town ready to meet some boys. A late night pool party leads to some late night antics, and the girls finally head back to the apartment at 7am. Meanwhile, after missing a flight from Gatwick, Tom and the boys are playing catch up, with sambuca and tequila to help them along the way. The drinks are flowing and Tom tries his moves out in a local nightclub. But less than six hours into the holiday and it’s down to best mate Rees to carry a legless Tom home.

As the events of the night before are played back to the parents, will they be able to handle what they see? And will an intimate form of body art be enough to push one parent over the edge?


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