For more info visit February 11, 2010 – Do your skinny jeans have stretch? Do you love your fleece jacket in the cold, winter months? Are you wearing a “body shaper” undergarment? Believe it or not, these clothing items you covet are made with plastic or plastic-based materials! Spandex, sequins, fleece, Lucite, faux fur, pleather, microfiber…the clothes and accessories you wear every day, along with the garments gracing the runways at Fashion Week and even the crazy things you see on pop-star Lady Gaga wouldn’t be possible without plastic. To showcase the versatility of plastic in fashion and design, Gen Art, the nation’s leading organization that promotes emerging designers and artists, challenged the design community to create two women’s-wear looks using plastic, recycled plastic and plastic-based fabrics. WesFeld, the design team of Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld, former “Project Runway” contestants, won the design competition and in turn, will get a show during New York Fashion Week. Along with model, actress and jewelry designer Molly Sims, WesFeld will unveil their designs. Sims, Nault and Feld will discuss the contest, trends to expect at Fashion Week and the somewhat unexpected role of plastic and plastic-based materials in the clothes you wear everyday. About the designs: WesFeld’s winning pale pink evening dress is a romantic and whimsical creation featuring poly-organza, poly-taffeta and plastic boning to create a shape that resembled a conch sea shell with a pearl inside. The designer’s second look is a more structured and textured dove gray gown made of poly-organza, plastic woven interfacing and plastic boning, with poly-satin piping detail. For more visit


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