Channel 4 had teased viewers with clips and adverts for its new raunchy dating show, and it didn’t disappoint.

Naked Attraction did exactly as it said on the tin by producing a dating show that starts how many dates end, with people being naked.

Unfortunately, the viewing audience weren’t impressed with the show and labelled it “creepy” and a “new low”.

In the first episode we saw Aina, a music producer from London, looking for someone adventurous who she can have a deeper connection with, while Guildford-based designer Mal, who has dated both men and women in the past, was curious to see who she’d be drawn to when all options were on offer.

Aina and Mal were faced by their prospective dates, who eerily stood naked inside frosted-glass boxes like neon coloured Terminators.

The boxed contestants were then revealed bit by bit before showing off all their dignity for the cameras and the woman picking them.

First up was Aina, who giggled like a school girl as she discussed the male genitalia that was on show. “Too much girth is painful,” admitted Aina as she continued perusing the other men as if they were pieces of art up on the wall of a gallery.

Next up, was the boys’ bums, which again drew lots of laughing from Aina.

Viewers at home weren’t laughing though! One tweeted: “That Naked Attraction show is beyond creepy.” Another said: “Channel 4 Naked Attraction. Dating show and new low”, as another blasted: “Our society has reached a new low, and I have a pretty high tolerance for trash. #Eugh.” while other social media users questioned how the programme had even made it on air.

One person queried: “How is this even a programme?” While others said: “Naked Attraction is possibly the weirdest dating show I’ve ever seen.”

After each body part is revealed, Aina picks one person to ditch before having to awkwardly meet them and shake their hands as she find out what their name is and what they do for a living.

After whittling down the men to the top three, Aina then got to hear the guys speak and see their faces. Each of the men, who are only referred to by the colour of the box they’re standing in, told Aina what they liked and disliked about their bodies.

Once she whittled it down to the top two, Aina had to get naked herself, as the two men commented on each others bodies.

Aina picked one guy and the two went on a date together and are now officially dating. They’ve both seen each other naked several times since and intend to continue seeing each other.

Still, the happy ending for Aina didn’t take the sour taste out of viewer’s mouths with many complaining that they’d watched the show with their parents.

“Watching TV with mum when a naked set of men turn up on C4. Thanks for that!” Another posted: “Too awkward. Naked Ambition on with my mum and dad here.”


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