5 Techniques to make your ex boyfriend miss you – Effective techniques

In this section I will explain a number of strategies that can make your ex miss you. I love this because they are things that are under your control.

Technique # 1: Get in shape.

There is nothing that can capture the look of a man and a woman who takes care of his body. Now, I’m not saying you’re fat or out of shape. I am saying that this technique will be beneficial to make your ex boyfriend miss you and improve your relationship.

Technique # 2: Stop worrying about it.

This technique is a mindset that you should adopt. During the period of zero contact you should make sure not to focus too much on your ex. Just focus on what’s important, you.

It is important to remember that the two are separate, although it is possible to recover it, you must understand that what you want will not happen overnight. So, sit down and rest while.

Technique # 3: Make social life.

It is not attractive to a woman after breaking getting locked all day at home eating ice cream. In fact, this is what most men expect a woman to do after the break.

Technique # 4: Turn on your “emotional buttons”

At the end of the zero contact you’ll have to start communicating with him. The way we recommend that you contact is by texting because it is a subtle and private media.

In addition, text messages are harmless and will give ability to slowly turn their “emotional buttons”. The key is to arouse their curiosity and remind him how good I had with you without seeming desperate at any time.

Technique # 5: Put him jealous.

Most experts recommend not trying to make your ex jealous. I must admit that I do not necessarily agree with them. If you have the opportunity to revive some of the deep feelings of your ex boyfriend, then I recommend you do.

Of course, if you’re going to be jealous your ex-boyfriend you must do it the right way. I do not think your ex take kindly see you in your facebook dating three different men. No, use jealousy is an art.

You have to do subtle but at the same time be clear enough for him to see. Here are some quick and effective tips: Improve your physical and know your sexier version as you can (improve your teeth, skin care, renew your closet, fix your hair). Eliminates 95% of the pictures you have with your ex on facebook (leaves only a couple so he would not think it can not possibly get back to you). Go out with your friends and publish these pictures. Do not post photos kissing another man.

Signs that your ex boyfriend misses you:

It is important to recognize when your ex boyfriend is missing. Then I’ll give you a list so you can quickly understand the signs:

If he calls you, if he sends you messages, if it occurs in places you frequent in a non-stalker way, if you have positive reactions when he sees you in person, if you keep in touch with family.


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