11 interesting games for each of body parts\r
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This is one part of 2baby cognitive APP,much suitable for children aged 2-4.It helps them to recognize their body parts and organs,tell the names and know how they work.\r
Our body is the most wonderfull thing in the world!Children may have a question about their body soon or later,want to know and understand.After researching,we found out that children would be interested in 11 body parts.So pictures and games in the APP shows children how to name them,and how theyve been working.The learning process is quite intuitive and effective!\r
Key features:\r
– Fun art style and great character designs,raise the enthusiasm of children\r
– 11 body parts and organs for children to recognize\r
– Learn how to name and describe \r
– 11 interesting games for each of body parts\r
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Body Art Pictures

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