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Aristide Maillol was an artist with grand ideas. His beautiful and harmonious sculptures – primarily of the female nude – hark back to the ideals of classical Greek art, stressing the static and monumental qualities of the human form, exquisite in their simplicity. Yet this simplicity also points towards a more modern artistic view, an art which paved the way for abstraction and modernism. Widely regarded as among the greatest of 20th-century sculptors, Maillol s work appears in museums all over the world. This monograph examines Maillol s life, illustrating and describing the main body of his work. Placing him in chronological context, the book gives a picture of his evolution as an artist and provides insight into the thoughts and motivations behind his work. Following each stage of his life, it shows the development from the early work – oil paintings and wooden sculptures – to the life-sized sculptures of his mature years.


Female Body Art

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